Meet Secret Elf Bonbon

Welcome home our sweet Secret Elf Bonbon from Ukraine!

Bonbon is a red marble tabby Devon Rex who was born in March 2021. When Russia suddenly attacked Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, we were in contract to purchase him and were working out flight details with Bonbon’s amazing breeder in Kyiv. Things were very scary there and we lost contact with her for a week. She was back in touch with us as soon as she could and was able to secure transportation to western Ukraine with her cats and eventually get them and herself and family over the border into safety in Poland. Another Devon breeder in Poland housed and loved on these precious cats for months until shipping could be organized through yet another incredible Devon breeder in Nova Scotia, Canada. With ever changing local regulations in Poland and more and more people and pets fleeing the hell happening in Ukraine, it has been an understandably very drawn out process.

Through a microchip database mix-up, Bonbon was accidentally flown to Toronto and then on to Halifax with another group of kitties who were Canada bound. It took another full week and LOTS of work and networking on the part of our miracle-working Canadian friend before he was flown back to Toronto and then transported by several selfless volunteers to get him to Detroit where we picked him up and FINALLY brought him home on April 11th.

We are still waiting for our two girls – Hyori Kristal Natali and Secret Elf Fantasy to fly to the US from Poland – hopefully very soon! Precious Bonbon has been enjoying cuddles, snuggles, good food and vitamins to help him with a sniffle that he picked up along the way. He loves to cuddle, enjoys sitting on our shoulders, purrs like a machine, and can’t get enough snuggles. He will sire the most amazing kittens. We love him so much already and are forever grateful to the amazing people we have met along the way. Despite the horrors of war, there are still so many good people in this world!


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