We have been raising Siberian cats since 2008 and absolutely love them, but wanted to try something new. Our younger daughter is obsessed with Devon Rex cats and finally talked us into adding these beautiful kitties. There is something so impish about their sweet little faces, large ears, huge eyes and downy soft, short, curly coats. We are looking forward to meeting new friends and enjoying new kittens from our sweet Devon Rex kitties!

We currently have three Labrador Retrievers and a Papillion in addition to our Devon Rex and Siberian cats. All of our pets are kept up to date on their vaccines. They are flea, ringworm, parasite, and FIV/FELV free and live indoors only. Our sun porch is the kitty haven where all of our kitties can sun themselves, watch our chickens and enjoy plenty of fresh air safely from their attached catios. All of our cats and kittens eat Science diet brand food as we have found them to be the most palatable and nutritiously balanced.

We breed for personality as well as breed confirmation. Our babies are handled and loved on from the day they are born. They are raised underfoot in our home. By the time they are ready to leave us, they are litter trained, weaned, and very accustomed to noise and activity in a busy household with our four kids.  Our Devon kitties love to play, cuddle, and snuggle and have amazing little purr motors. We believe Devons are an amazing cat breed and we are dedicated to raising the happiest Devon Rex kittens and cats and kittens.


What People Say

Kriska kittens are so wonderful. Gentle, loving and so playful. The breeder has a magical touch and instinct that creates magnificent kittens. I would highly recommend Kriska Siberians.

Linda Haley

We brought home a very sweet kitten. She acclimated quickly and already feels like part of the family!! Thanks again!!!

Nicole Scott

Kriska has dedicated their business to providing healthy, well-tempered, not to mention gorgeous, kittens to their forever homes… They’re like potato chips – you can never have just one!!

Jeanine Lebon

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